Snohomish Publishing Company Inc.
.....When you stop for a moment to think about the printed image and its influence on our lives, you will recognize the important role that Snohomish Publishing plays. Take note of the calendars, owner's manuals, travel brochures, instruction books, tickets, newspapers, magazines, books, directories, stationary, forms, etc., etc.. You see, we rarely are far from a printed piece, and in the northwest, rarely far from a product printed by Snohomish Publishing.
.... When beginning a printing project you usually have a fairly clear idea of what you wish to accomplish. Our customer service department is here to help you develop your idea and will seek out your desires regarding quality levels, time restrictions, budget and other factors. They are anxious to guide you toward satisfying all of your requirements. The more they understand about your needs, the more helpful they can be in suggesting alternatives that will result in providing you with the most for your investment.
.....We can make it easy for you, from originating artwork, taking photographs, writing and editing text, typesetting and completing mechanicals for your inspection before committing to print. Printing from simple black-and-white through the highest quality full-color is accomplished with the latest in printing technology. Whether you wish to do a part of your project yourself, or have Snohomish Publishing handle all of the details, call our customer service at (360) 568-1242 or Seattle (206) 523-7548.
.....Snohomish Publishing Company operates specifically designed offset printing presses that will produce printed, folded and ready-to-bind sections of books and magazines at high speeds. Savings resulting from these efficiencies are passed on to you, our customer, making our prices among the most competitive.